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Who are we?

San Diego SEO & Dental Marketing is a boutique, specialized, Dental SEO Marketing team. We know how to drive patients to your dental practice in San Diego - we have done it before, and can show you current examples of our success (for example, see has page 1 Google rankings in San Diego for 'homeopathic dentist', 'natural dentist', 'naturopathic dentist', as well as all the variations of the dentist's name). We understand every aspect of dental marketing, and are able to promote your practice in a way a general SEO provider cannot. We understand the nuances of the Dental market in San Diego, and will customize your dental SEO program to take advantage of those details (for example, focusing on services that are under-represented in your geographic area, increasing your odds of converting traffic)

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What you can expect from San Diego SEO & Dental Marketing

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What would 20+ new patients every month mean for you?

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What makes San Diego SEO & Dental Marketing different?

  1. We write compelling dental SEO content and post on powerful blogs to help your rankings (something general SEO companies cannot do well), which means that you also get traffic / patients from those articles.
  2. We rank you for competitive, high volume, targeted keywords - not just local results near your practice, though we do that as well. That's why we can guarantee traffic, not just rankings.
  3. We already have standing agreements with San Diego and Dental specific, powerful blogs - meaning we can deliver results much faster than anyone else.
  4. We are happy to see you move on. Because we are limited in the number of clients we can take on at once, our model is to make sure you are at patient capacity (and self sustaining via referrals and your website) within 1-2 years, and move on to the next client.

Pricing & Guarantees

Ranking Boost (6 month plan) - $699/mo


San Diego SEO & Dental Marketing Guarantee:

After 3 months, your site will double it's organic traffic (ie traffic from search engines)

Full Service Online Solution (12 month plan) - $3900/mo


San Diego SEO & Dental Marketing Guarantee:

Your website traffic will increase EVERY month, and after 6 months, will have a minimum of 350 targeted dental and/or San Diego specific visitors per month

Reputation Management - $8,900 (one time fee)


San Diego SEO & Dental Marketing Guarantee:

If your chosen search results do not disapear from page 1 of Google, you will receive a $7000 refund (everything but our expenses)

Let Us Help

We believe in giving out clients the full force of our efforts, and so are only able to take on a limited number at one time.

To find out if we are currently taking new clients, and if we are the right fit for you, send us a quick message with your preferred contact information. - Ari Vinograd

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